Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Heart, We Will Forget Him!"

HEART, we will forget him!
  You and I, to-night!
You may forget the warmth he gave,
  I will forget the light.
When you have done, pray tell me,        5
  That I my thoughts may dim;
Haste! lest while you’re lagging,
  I may remember him!

“Heart, we will forget him” is a poem which conveys the idea that someone is trying to forget someone they love. In the first stanza the person tells the heart to forget about the idea and feeling of the significant other and they will worry about forgetting the way they look. The second stanza of the poem posits the notion that someone is telling their heart to hurry and forget someone else because their mind is not able to forget them until their heart does. The entire poem is given personification throughout because a heart cannot literally forget someone, a person must forget them. I believe that Dickinson may have written this poem after a love she had for someone had failed. Dickinson could have been trying to forget them which is shown in this particular poem.

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